Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a great way to get the most from your marketing budgets. This performance-based advertising channel allows you to reward websites for referring users that convert into leads, sales and ultimately, revenues.

Affiliate Marketing Basics:

Advertiser: The advertiser will determine what they would like to acquire (typically a sale or lead) and what commission they would like to pay for this acquisition.

Network: The affiliate network manages tracking, payments, and advertiser offers for the affiliates.

Affiliates: Websites that refer traffic to the advertiser’s site in return for a commission.

Affiliate Promotional Methods

Pay-Per-Click (PPC): Also known as Search affiliates, utilise search engines to direct traffic to the advertiser’s site
Loyalty and Rewards: These affiliates provide their member base with rewards for making purchases via their sites; (cashback, reward points)
Discount and Offers: Utilise coupons and other discounts, sales or promotions to generate traffic and sales for advertisers
Shopping Directories: Listings of advertisers usually by category and generate traffic with current offers or promotions
Price Comparison: These sites aggregate product feeds and provide their users with the lowest possible price
Email: Managers of “opt-in” lists; will send content heavy email campaigns to database of consumers that have expressed interest in particular products or categories
Content: Product review sites or information sites. These sites provide their users valuable information to help with their purchases
Retargeting: This affiliate technology allows you to display advertisements to visitors of your site that have left without purchasing