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How We Work

MediaJunkies is performance. At MJ, we are keenly aware that driving real sales and incremental value is the true kind of online marketing. Our pricing models speak for themselves – if we’re not driving incremental ROI for you, then we’re not doing our job. Part and parcel of what we offer our clientele is real results that have a measurable and positive effect on bottom line.


Tell us your business needs. We can help you.. from advice, proposals, to marketing strategy and deployments.

Download Campaigns

Have a downloadable product or app?
Let our campaign specialists get your campaign up and running today. We will hand-pick your publishers to deliver your campaign in a timely manner.

Performance Marketing

We hang our hat on performance marketing and the benefits it brings to our clients. We specialise in remarketing and retargeting to convert current visitors and generate new customers through prospective advertising.

Lead Generation

Are you looking to grow your database? Lead generation is the perfect marketing activity to engage in for short-term campaigns and promotions. We will liaise with you for demographic segregation to deliver a new customer base.

Affiliate Marketing

Our affiliate performance & programme management service is industry leading. We research your brand and company vision to enable us to partner with the appropriate affiliates when promoting your brand. We believe that managing your affiliate programme should be rewarded on an acquisition basis.