MediaJunkies is performance.

Utilising high-end ad networks and our own expertise of affiliate models, MJ is wholly committed to providing incremental revenue to your bottom line.  Gone are the days of blind CPM buys on ad networks where ROI was a grey cloud that agencies professed to be creating but had a hard time translating that into true metrics.  From the start of any client relationship, we specialise in understanding your KPIs, developing bespoke programmes that are built to drive qualified traffic and measurable results – your success is our KPI.

mobile advertising

Everyone’s talking about mobile, but not many people are harnessing the true power of mobile.  In the retail sector, many brands languish without true direction – everyone knows they should be focusing on mobile, as the buzzword and buzzmedium of the moment – but finding a way to monetize mobile traffic into true ROI for a brand continues to prove beyond the marketing savvy of even the most seasoned agencies.  MJ has strategic partnerships with mobile RTB networks that bid confidently on performance metrics – CPI, CPA & CPS.  More than that, we look beyond the download to user engagement and LTV, adjusting buys based on 3rd party data sharing and 1st party data integrated into our buying modules to ensure that your mobile advertising is not just for show, but renders incremental value both in bottom line and in brand awareness.

social media

Everyone’s talking about social media – FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram.  Managing these mediums and keeping up-to-date on how to effectively use social media not only to increase brand recognition but drive revenue requires precision and absolute attention to detail.  MJ makes social an integral part of its performance management strategy by carefully understanding how to best use this format for the progressive development of your brand and your user engagement.  We all know that effective use of social can drive conversions ten fold, at MJ we carefully plan a sensible and articulate route using social media cross-platform to positively engage with your target consumer base and drive brand performance, as well as direct conversions.


Everyone’s talking about retargeting.  How to use effective, contextual ads that are personalized to each user, across each device – mobile or desktop – is at the heart of any good retargeting campaign.  MJ has partnered with the strongest retargeting companies, exploiting these relationships to ensure top placement at CPAs that make sense for our advertisers.  Retargeting is a proven tool to increase conversion without feeling intrusive to the user – we employ geo-conquesting, geo-targeting, lookalike retargeting and cross-device retargeting to ensure that as many dropped sales are picked up along the sales funnel.


There is a general misconception when it comes to remarketing. Google’s term “remarketing” is actually Google Display Network’s solution for retargeting. Remarketing itself is a type of marketing that is traditionally further down the conversion tunnel. This channel is typically email as information is gathered from the latter stages of the checkout process. Emails are then sent to the visitors with information about their basket with call-to-actions for them to revisit the site to complete their purchase.