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Account Management

Media Junkies will tailor the account management based on your business needs. We will ensure your programme runs efficiently and effectively, making your affiliate programme a cost-effective way to increase brand recognition and revenues.
Full-service affiliate performance and programme management includes:
  • Affiliate recruiting & validation
  • Business goals and programme strategy alignment
  • Execution of all affiliate programme management tasks
  • Customised analysis, insights and recommendations

Protecting Your Brand

Media Junkies understand the importance of brand integrity, which is why we will work with you to outline which types of sites you wish to be featured on. We take a personalised approach when inviting and accepting affiliates on to your programme.
We manually accept or decline affiliates to your programme to ensure their alignment with your brand.
We work with the following affiliate promotional models:
  • Content / Bloggers / Influencers
  • Retargeting & Remarketing
  • Social Media
  • Paid Search (PPC)
  • Technology Platforms
  • Email
  • Loyalty & Rewards
  • Cashback



We understand the importance of receiving data in a timely manner. Which is why we offer daily automated reporting as well as weekly bespoke reporting. We will provide you with the following data:
Weekly & Monthly
  • New member signups
  • Affiliate revenues
  • Top 20 affiliate performance
  • Device performance
  • Click & impression activity
  • Link performance
  • OS performance
  • Commission detail
  • Country activity
  • Item performance
Reporting Reporting table


SEO Overview

  • Launch a campaign to bring in a stream of new visitors to your website – If prospects can find you at the top of their search engine results, you can turn them into buyers. We’ll launch a campaign to improve your rankings and drive visitors to your site.
  • Build a framework to sustain a long-term increase in website traffic – We want your SEO investment to pay off over the long haul, so we’ll base your campaign on ethical link-building strategies. This framework gives you a sustained increase in traffic, largely unaffected by changes to search engine algorithms.
  • Optimise your SEO campaign to convert your new traffic into customers – A SEO campaign should produce a tangible return on your investment: new customers. We’ll manage your campaign for 6 months after we launch it, making continual improvements to increase the percentage of your new traffic that turn into paying customers.

SEO Campain

Audit and Analysis of Current SEO Techniques
We’ll analyse your current search engine rankings and your competitors’ SEO performance in your market. Then we’ll use the findings to help us develop the perfect strategy to increase your rankings and drive new visitors to your website.

Keyword Research
Our team will conduct thorough keyword research to ensure that your site organically incorporates the precise terms that your desired audience is actually using when they search the web.


Advertiser: The advertiser will determine what they would like to acquire (typically a sale or lead) and what commission they would like to pay for this acquisition.
Network: The affiliate network manages tracking, payments, and advertiser offers for the affiliates.
Affiliates: Websites that refer traffic to the advertiser’s site in return for a commission.


Pay-Per-Click (PPC):

Also known as Search affiliates, utilise search engines to direct traffic to the advertiser’s site

Loyalty and Rewards:

These affiliates provide their member base with rewards for making purchases via their sites; (cashback, reward points)

Discount and Offers:

Utilise coupons and other discounts, sales or promotions to generate traffic and sales for advertisers

Shopping Directories:

Listings of advertisers usually by category and generate traffic with current offers or promotions

Price Comparison:

These sites aggregate product feeds and provide their users with the lowest possible price


Managers of “opt-in” lists; will send content heavy email campaigns to database of consumers that have expressed interest in particular products or categories


Product review sites or information sites. These sites provide their users valuable information to help with their purchases


This affiliate technology allows you to display advertisements to visitors of your site that have left without purchasing

Affiliate Marketing is a great way to get the most from your marketing budgets. This performance-based advertising channel allows you to reward websites for referring users that convert into leads, sales and ultimately, revenues.


Lead Generation can be used to generate a database of prospective users interested in a particular product or service. There are a few different ways lead generation can help your business.


Loyalty programmes:

Reward your customers for their loyalty to your brand. Allow them to redeem points that they accumulate through their continued purchases from your brand.


Providing a newsletter for your customers can help maintain interest in your brand. You are able to communicate new product releases, company updates and upcoming promotional offers. Keeping your customers informed

Sales Leads:

Generate a database of consumers of similar products to further your reach and market mix.

Lead Generation is a great way to get the most from your marketing budgets. This performance-based advertising channel allows you to reward websites for referring users that convert into leads, sales and ultimately, revenues.


Performance Marketing allows you to pay on measurable results. This advertising model has a few different pricing models; CPC (cost-per-click), CPM (cost-per-mille or cost per thousand impressions), CPL (cost-per- lead), CPA (cost-per-acquisition)

There are many types of performance advertising. So whether it is lead generation, customer acquisition or sales you are looking for, we can help with achieving your company goals or objectives.

We take the risk out of paying for ineffective advertising. We help you achieve your advertising goals according to your budget.


With decades of online expertise and relationships, we are here to help! Do you require assistance with a new product launch, introductions or general support? Get the results you desire, delivered when you need them. Contact Media Junkies today!

Here are some of the things that Media Junkies can help you with:
- Strategy
- Marketing Evaluations
- Digital Advertising
- Sales Presentations
- Personnel
- Scalability

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